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12 Effective stretches to relieve lower back discomfort in your fitness workouts

Every time you lean over or stand up, you feel it. It is that groan-inspiring ache which shoots through your lower back and never seems to go away

12 Effective stretches to relieve lower back discomfort in your fitness workouts

Every time you lean over or stand up, you feel it. It is that groan-inspiring ache that shoots through your lower back and never seems to go away completely. Often called lumbago or spondylosis, lower back pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain among adults.

You may have been sleeping, hoping the pain in the back only needs time to heal. But most doctors are now urging those suffering from lower back pain to get involved and push their back and associated muscles as a better cure for pain relief. It can help alleviate back pain, but only the right kind; avoid exercises that place too much stress on the back and strain. So what exercises to choose from? That depends in part on how severe the pain is, and what it is causing. So, you should still get your doctor's prescription for lower back pain before doing some heavy exertion.

Spending your Friday night performing motivational activities that not grab your ease of mind. But focusing on strengthening and preserving the lower back muscles will help make your favorite weekend activities more enjoyable. You might be willing to incorporate a few different things that you couldn't do because of the discomfort. If you are looking for attainable ways to improve with practicality your lower back pain you are in the right place.

You could read these exercises to improve your back and say, "Hmm. How that pose will serve to take away my discomfort. "You can easily feel and appreciate the importance of each move once you put a few into motion. May week your body will need some gentle reminders to help get your muscles and joints back into painless synchronization with each other.

Benefits of Back Strengthening Exercises

When you settle into a routine and start pulling on your own diligent work, you can end up being shocked at how much improved you feel. Your lower back wants the help you need to do the job well. The collection and daily execution of yoga-style workouts will help you take control of your lower back and the muscle partners around you.

With these 12 workouts, just only a couple days a week will help bring a feeling of flexibility to the muscles and joints that may have been neglected or 'misplaced' along the way. It might not have changed all at once, and you might not even have known for some time that the heart of your body was experiencing a gradual transition.

Injuries can occur in a moment, or gradually over time, but they take time to heal almost always. You may have had an accident, and have yet to fully recover. Start small and work the way to a full recovery. Moderate activity that suits your current condition is much more effective than, or none at all, too much activity.

You may not be able to define visually or determine orally where the back pain or discomfort originates. Take the time to work through these 12 exercises that strengthen the back. Seek to focus on one body part at a time. Be aware of the seriousness of the latest seemingly incident or anger. Acute pain can require a couple of days of rest and rehabilitation before you start working on building up strength.

Do not feel like trying to perform all the exercises a single day. When you try to get rid of your lower back discomfort, it'll be more important for you to go slow and make sure your body profits from any step. Learning deliberately to understand when the pain starts, and what it can do, will help you guide the recovery cycle more.

Regardless of how you acquired lower back pain, be patient with yourself as you work to recover. Be sure to push your body through uncomfortable moments, but work to avoid pushing yourself so hard that you cause further injury or create a new injury. Working with your lower back muscles can help your body be better equipped to handle the unexpected.  Go slow, take your time, be patient, and work hard; and you'll be successful in recovering.

Start with a few exercises from each group, and proceed through the various exercises. Mixing the exercises will help keep the brain involved in creating a relaxing routine as you work.

12 Lower Back Focus Exercises

Focusing specifically on lower back muscles and body relations is important for effective healing from pain, illness, or general discomfort.

Take your time for any single workout. Start with a few repetitions, and work your way up to your ultimate target over a period of weeks, or maybe even a few months if appropriate.

1. Knee to Chest Raises

Rest with your back flat on the floor, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands palm down on the floor. Lift the right knee to the chest and keep for 5-10 seconds.

Switch sides. Repeat ten times.

You may also choose to allow your opposing leg to rest in a straightened position.

2. Floor Swimming

Rest prone (face down) on the floor. Bring both of your arms flat and straighten them out of your shoulders. Legs should be straight and flat on the floor with toes relaxed. Keep your head relaxed and face the floor. Raise your right arm and left leg. Count to five. Switch sides.

Raise both arms and both legs while keeping your torso on the floor. Count to five. Repeat the series five to ten times slowly.

If abdominal work is desired, floor swimming can be done in reverse whilst in a supine (face up) position, but be careful to keep your back flat and raise only one leg at a time.

3. Straight Leg lifts (from the top position of the table)

Start with knees and hands on the floor in Table Top position. Straighten your right leg straight behind you so it's parallel to the wall. Act to hold the right leg straight while you lift it gently and lower it 10 times. Adjust hands. Repeat 3-10 times as your skill increases.

4. Bridge To Bridge

Rest onto your back flat. Place your feet flat with knees bent to the side.

Raise your hips and torso gently to form a triangle shape between your shoulders, your arms, your legs, and the floor. It'll keep your head and shoulders on the concrete. You can place your hand's palm down on the floor or put your fingers under your back together.

Squeeze your knees, drive your feet down into the board, keep your body off the ground. Hold ten in for a count. Repeat 5-10 times.

If you've had a serious neck injury, you may want to wait until your neck gets better or ask a chiropractic doctor before you start Bridge.

Upside Emphasis Exercises
Your pain may be centralized in the lower back, but if recovery does not allow your body to function as a unit, your upper back may start feeling the strain.

Giving some love to your upper back will help you reunite you're lower back to the rest of your body. Incorporate these upper back exercises into your routine to give your lower back muscles more support.

5. Modified Plank

Sufferers with back pain will do well to start with a Modified Plank. For this, let your knees and hands rest on the floor while trying to hold your body off the floor.

Keep your arms behind your shoulders directly, and your knees and lower legs on the floor behind you. Do not allow your hips to fall towards the bottom. Keep five to ten for the count. Try to take time. Repeat the number three to ten times as the pain reduces and the power builds up.

Be sure not to hold your place longer than your body will be able to handle, particularly at the start.

6. Front board

Front Plank is a perfect option if you have begun healing from lower back pain and are trying to alleviate discomfort in the future.

Begin with your hands and feet on the floor: With your fingers and thumbs open and comfortable, your hands should be directly under your shoulders. Straight hands. Curled feet. Start drawing a straight line from your head up to your feet.

The challenge lies with trying to stop bowing down your torso without pushing your hips too high.

Consider planking on the floor with your elbows and forearms instead of just your paws, for added variety.

Imagine your body is parallel to the floor, for the elbow and forearm style. Keep a five to ten count of your chosen location. Rest ...... Rest. Repeat three to ten times as you gain power, increasing the time.

7. Sideboard

If you have not tried this one yet, be prepared to engage your sense of humor. Sideboard is great to help build back muscles support (especially obliques), but it takes some practice to get started.

Only sit down on the concrete. Start with resting on your right elbow. (This will look close to how you might relax and watch a movie on the floor. As you continue, your head could even rest in your right hand).

As you are able, gently push your hips upward to form an elongated triangle shape between you and the floor. It may take a few days of practice, but once you can get into position, try counting to three, then to five, and then to ten.

Each time, work on both the left and right hands. Getting to ten can take you a few weeks, but you can get there if you start tiny!

You may want to try to lean against a wall while you learn how to balance with the Side Plank. Modification: Hold your knees on the table, and just lift your upper body.

8. Standing Push-ups (or Bent Knee)

Standing push-ups are ideal for those suffering from low back pain, as less pressure is put on lower back muscles. Your upper back is involved but during the exercise, your hips and abdomen do not draw your body down.

Often regular push-ups are better saved for when your lower back muscles have healed and can help hold your body off the ground.

Place your hands at arm's length on a wall, and flat your feet on the floor. Bend your elbows until it hits the wall softly or comes close to your forehead. Repeat ten to twenty times, painfully.

For Bent Knee Push-ups, complete the same repetitions but instead of standing with your hands and knees on the floor.

Core General Exercises

The core of your body is designed to help you stay upright while sitting and walking. Injuries on one side of your body often in some way affect the other side, even if we don't realize that consciously. Many muscles support the spine and will do their best to work in collaboration with each other.

Bring these core exercises into your day to help the lower back start to work more effectively and with less pain.

9. Knee to Lifts at Elbow

Start with your hands and feet at the floor in a Front or Revised Plank Position (see Exercises 5 and 6). Bring your right knee close to the right elbow. Hang in for a five-count (if you can).

You can be able to touch your elbow with your knee until you practice it a few times. Focus on trying to keep your body as parallel as possible to the ground, without straining. Adjust hands. Repeat 3-5 times.

10. Knee to opposite Elbow Lifts

Complete the same steps as Knee to Elbow, but instead of reaching the same side, bring each knee to the opposite elbow.

You might only be able to bring your knee halfway through your body in the beginning. That is a great start!

Make sure to keep the body parallel to the ground. It is much more necessary to focus on a good form than how far your knee hits the middle of your body or your arms.

11. Legged Dog

Start in a Front Plank or Modified Position (see Exercises 5 and 6). Pick your right leg straight up, as far as you can behind you. Ideally, your leg may end up much higher than your body's rest, or it may stay near the same height.

Try to hold square to your knees. You can choose to hold your foot and ankle at an angle of 90 degrees or point your toes. Ideally, you want to create a line between your hands and the heel of your elevated foot[18].

Keep three to ten for the count. Switch sides to the elevated leg. Repeat as much as possible three to five times, without causing pressure.

12. Stargazer (Side Kneeling Plank)

Sit on the floor right in front of you, on both hands. Bend your right leg, and lean on your left inner thigh with your right foot. Place your right hand over your back. As you push your body up from the floor, raise your left hand high above you.

Straighten your left leg as you go up. Your weight will rest on your right hand and bent right knee.

Stargazer may sound like a juggling act, but you can easily position your feet so you don't feel like you're going to fall. Keep three to ten for the count. Adjust hands. Repeat 3-10 times.

Remember to raise your face and enjoy the view, particularly if you want to enjoy this night sky exercise outdoors!

Eviting Exercises
Back pain doesn't need a fresh reason to cause distress when you're trying to recover. Try to stop these workouts when you recover from pain in your lower back:
  1. Touch toe
  2. Full Sit-ups
  3. Double Leg Lifts (Single Leg Lifts are helpful if you're comfortable with them. Make sure your back is flat and straight on the floor).
Perhaps best left for another time are movements that trigger regular or extreme twisting motions.

My favorite stretches to calm the back

Stretching is important to efficiently build up muscle strength. Combining strengthening and stretching will help you build a wall of resistance to low back pain.

Alternate you're preferred back strengthening exercises with a couple of those stretches of yoga-style for added interest:

Happy Baby
Triangle Pose 
Child’s Pose 
Gentle Seated Twist (Start with a slight twist and progress as your body allows.)
Knees to Chest )
Cat and Cow (Move slowly and gently while alternating between Cat and Cow three to five times)

No lower back pain, step slowly

Use lower back strengthening exercises to help you get rid of your pain can be the toughest part of starting. After you have attempted a few and have dropped for a period of time or two, you can begin to realize that these 12 exercises are not as overwhelming as you would have thought.

Continue 3 a day and go rotating while you try the other exercises. You don't need to train to do any of these activities to build the power you need to mitigate back pain or eliminate it. You only have to pick a few you enjoy and be able to perform well enough to sustain the benefits of your hard work.

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YourFitnessRink - Fitness and Health Matters: 12 Effective stretches to relieve lower back discomfort in your fitness workouts
12 Effective stretches to relieve lower back discomfort in your fitness workouts
Every time you lean over or stand up, you feel it. It is that groan-inspiring ache which shoots through your lower back and never seems to go away
YourFitnessRink - Fitness and Health Matters
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