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The Easy and Effective Flatter Tummy Workout For You

Looking for an enviable six-pack or just hoping to get a flatter stomach? This exercise would allow you to work those abs and then your objective

The Easy and Effective Flatter Tummy Workout For You

Looking for an enviable six-pack or just hoping to get a flatter stomach? This exercise would allow you to work those abs and then your objective could be accomplished in combination with the right diet.

Start with a blunt but clear reality. No matter how hard your abdominal muscles work, no matter how great your core stability, how solid your six-pack - if you bear excess body fat, the impressive midriff would be concealed under a layer of flab. So while this workout will make your abdominal muscles hone and tone, strengthen and flatten, a spare tire won't melt away. With that, you do need to look at your diet and overall levels of physical activity.

That being said, but then again, the effect the flatter tummy workout will have on your midriff will amaze you. Most of us get into a rut in our abdomen workout routines, doing the same old crunches and sit-ups every time, neglecting the muscles at the waist sides and the all-important 'heart' muscles (the transversus abdominis), which lie deep beneath the surface and cover the lower trunk like a corset.

Putting these muscles into the equation helps nip in the middle and much more easily flatten the lower part of the tummy than plain old curls and crunches. And trust us, you'll definitely know after your first session that you did an abs workout the morning!

The further direction from which you tackle your abs, the more muscles you use and the better the results will be. In addition to using more of the trunk's musculature, the workout is also highly effective because it doesn't just use one range of motion. Crunches and twists are all about bending the trunk forward and rolling back when lying on the back. Just think about it. How often in your daily life do you make that movement? Presumably just the once, the first thing that you get out of bed in the morning!

This daily schedule works on a multi-dimensional basis-by challenging the abs in all positions and through all motion planes. You'll work, for instance, lying face down, on your side, even standing up. Hence more direction from which you tackle your abs, the more muscles you use and the better the results will be.

You will note that a Swiss ball or medicine ball is used in some of the exercises. All these, except the Jack-knife, can be done without. At first, it's good to improvise but when you get more experience, if you use the right tools, it will make the exercises more difficult. The Physical Therapy journal, for example, found that curl-ups on the floor recruited 21 percent of the muscle of the rectus abdominis (the six-pack), compared to 35 percent of a Swiss ball.

Here are some essential tips before we get started:

  1. Please ensure you have a mat to exercise on or a thick towel to cover the back, knees, and elbows.
  2. You ought to 'engage' the deep abdominal muscles to do the exercises properly. Say you 're wearing a corset that has a zip to the belly button from the top of the pubic bone. Take a breath, and slowly 'do up' the zip as you exhale. Fasten the button (your navel) onto an imaginary buttonhole on your spine when you get to the end. Hold the contraction but at any point do not hold your breath.
  3. Don't firmly 'grip' around the midriff. If you keep your tummy too tight you will find it difficult to do any kind of movement. Extend to the limit to reach the correct stress level and then let the contraction go by 50 percent.
  4. When lying face-up during workouts, don't try to flatten your back into the mat (or ball); It doesn't matter if there's a slight curve at your lower back as long as your navel is close to your spine.
  5. Move slowly through the drills, and relax all over. Aim to exhale on the hardest bit of the exercise if possible and inhale on the easier process, but if you find it hard to manage, just breathe in whatever way you can.
  6. Just do the exercises every other day at most that are perfect three days a week. Like any muscle, the abs need time between training sessions to heal and improve.
  7. Follow the directions - when the exercise instructions say 'stop,' it means keeping the position briefly before moving back to the starting point. It doesn't mean holding your breath, too, when it says 'keep the position' for a given period!
  8. Do routine A and routine B once each for the first week to get a feeling for the moves and prevent you from ending up with muscle soreness that will put you off doing the workout again.
  9. After that add a second regular session of either. Perform both routines twice a week, with one day-off in each, if you just want to go for it. Start with one set of each exercise, raise after four weeks to two sets, and after eight weeks, three sets.
  10. If you are trying to boost your health so you can get a flatter tummy and battle the flab, it may seem hard to know which exercises to follow to get you started. We also assembled a guide for fitness exercises to help you get a flatter tummy.
The Easy and Effective Flatter Tummy Workout For You

Flatter Routine A tummy exercise:

1.Core Stabilizing System

Start on all fours, with weight distributed equally between your hands and knees. Hold your back long and straight (neck in line with the spine), and let your tummy completely relax. Now, contract the pelvic floor, and start pushing back and forth from the pubic bone to the navel. Picture much of the work that the sides of the tummy below the belly button do. When contracting the entire lower tummy, hold in for eight to ten breaths.

Rest, and then repeat twice. When you have to 're-contract' halfway through, don't worry.

To progress — Do the exercise exactly as above when it feels easy, but once you have contracted the tummy, stretch out one arm in front of you, without letting the shoulders, back or hips change position. Keep for two breaths, then lower with precision, and raise the other arm smoothly. That's one repetition that counts. Do four repetitions on three sets.

2.Twist the Medicine Ball

Stand with good balance, holding a ball of medication in both hands and balanced upper arms at your sides. Keeping your hipbones engaged in front and core. Twist slowly to the right, concentrating on using the muscles on the sides of your abdomen. Stop, stop as much as you can, then return to the middle and move to the left. Aim for another 16 repetitions.

To advance — speed up the movement and increase the repetitions.

3.Curl-up Ball

Lie with your bottom off the edge of a Swiss ball, cheeks unclenched, your feet 12 inches apart and your hands crossed over your chest. Contracting the abdominals but not the bottom, raise and flex the head, neck, shoulders, and upper torso as far as possible without moving the ball below you. Pause, lower then repeat. Perform eight repeats to twelve.

For progress — Bring your fingertips up for your ear.

4.Puppet Doll

Lie on your back, arms stretched straight above your shoulders, knees bent to a right angle, feet in the air. Holding the heart engaged, stretch one leg forward while the opposite arm, like a puppet on a string, goes overhead to reach the floor. The higher your legs are; the easier they are to move. Look for another 20 repetitions.

To progress — Bringing your legs lower to the ground as you stretch them, making the exercise more challenging.

Routine B: Flatter tummy workout:

1.Prone Planks

Lie face down under your forehead with your hands, head in line with your body. Relaxing the rest of the body, inhale and remove the navel to the back, helping to lift the abdominals off the floor. Hold, breathe freely for six seconds, and then relax. Do not raise the hipbones from the floor, or contract the back. Do Five Repeats.

For advance — Connect your hands above your chest into a single fist. Engage the heart and raise yourself up to forearms, knees, and lower legs, holding your back straight and raising your tummy. Hold the shoulders close and retracted from the mouth. Breathe freely and keep for six seconds on the spot. Rest twice, and repeat.

2. Back Curl With Ball

Lie on your back with bent knees, and hold a Swiss ball between your thighs and calves. Arms are laid out over the board. Inhale and draw the knees into the chest as you exhale, with the aim of curling the tailbone just a bit off the floor. Do not use momentum-focus on pressing down the lower abdominal region. This exercise, without the ball, can be performed with a pillow between your thighs, legs bent, and raised above the torso.

For improvement — Using a ball of medication to add extra weight to your step.

3.Side bridge

Lie with knees and thighs stacked on your side (the top one immediately above the bottom one) and your weight lies on the left elbow. Bend the lower leg to the knee at the right angle, but keep the hips on top of each other. Now lift your body up so that only the lower part of the base leg and the elbow support the weight. Consciously draw up the side of the waist toward the middle of the body nearest to the concrete. Do not cause the bottom to stick out and keep your abdominals contracting. Keep each repeat for 5 to 10 seconds, then switch sides.

To make progress — Do the exercise straight with both legs extended.

4.The Jack-Knife

Drape yourself face down over a Swiss ball and shuffle forward until your knees just come in front of the ball, supporting your weight on your hands, separating your arms shoulder width. Contract the abdominals and tilt the pelvis so that your back and legs are in a straight line. By contracting the abs and rolling the ball with your lower legs, curl the ball in towards your chest. You can feel a strong squeeze in the area around your tummy! Pause, straighten your legs then repeat.

To advance — Perform the exercise in the starting position with only your feet on the ball.
The Easy and Effective Flatter Tummy Workout For You

Flatter exercise trick for tummies: 24 hours workout

Use this little trick to help you remember to engage it all day, once you've got to grips with engaging the core. 'Zip' from the pubic bone to the navel, then tie a string length around your waist while keeping good posture. As you go through the day, each time you allow your posture to 'sag' your tummy will force it out against the string, reminding you to pull back in.



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YourFitnessRink - Fitness and Health Matters: The Easy and Effective Flatter Tummy Workout For You
The Easy and Effective Flatter Tummy Workout For You
Looking for an enviable six-pack or just hoping to get a flatter stomach? This exercise would allow you to work those abs and then your objective
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